First Mixed Pairs Schedule of the Season

Our ‘Flexible’ Mixed Pairs starts next Wednesday 15 June 2016. We have 20(!!) Teams signed up.  The first session of mixed pairs will go for 4 weeks – 4 Wednesdays.  Now if your name is not on the list for some reason – there is no need to panic.  This is where the ‘flexible’ part comes in.  We know that sometimes life events or silly things like weather have a tendency to disrupt the best intentions of a lawn bowls schedule, so there will always be an opportunity for spares and in addition there are open rinks for play.  We might even on the spur of the moment change from a pairs game to a triples game.  So if your name is not on the list for mixed pairs this does NOT mean you can’t play on Wednesday.  In fact you are encouraged to play on Wednesdays.   Feel free to come on down to the club and we will figure it out as we know that the schedule has to be somewhat flexible.  If your name is not on the listed teams but you know that you can make it each of the next 4 Wednesday’s, let me know and we can modify things ahead of time.

Now, with 20 teams that means we need two draws.  The first draw will start at 6pm and the second draw at 730pm.  For those that are working during the day, I suspect that 6pm may be tough to make so we tried to have most of your games at 730.  We may have made a few mistakes, but that is OK, since this is ‘Flexible’.  So if you see anything particularly concerning for a time slot, you can let me know or better yet, mention it to your opponents for that night and since we have open rinks, you guys work it out and claim one of those open rinks at the alternative draw.

All games in the mixed pairs will be 12 ends.

If you are scheduled to play but know you simply cant make it, please let either Jack Robar or Bob Murray know ahead of time (or you can let me know and I will pass it on) so they can do some scrambling to make the schedule ‘flexible’.

So after the 4 weeks are up, we will shuffle things around a bit and do it all over again!  Sound good???